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Change is Good


Welcome to Life as a Puzzle — the latest retooling of my presence in the blogosphere.

For several years I wrote The Autofill Project, a blog about word lists used by crossword-constructing software. I started developing word lists when I acquired Crossword Compiler back in the ’90s. I figured that blog dedicated to this pastime could keep me motivated and facilitate a dialog with other word-list enthusiasts. The Autofill Project yielded some good work opportunities and helped me organize an active group of puzzle constructors who exchange word-list data off-site, but the actual discourse had gone stale. I wanted to write about broader topics in the puzzle world but felt that the blog wasn’t suited for discussion outside of database management. It was time for change.

This new blog will be an all-purpose sounding board on projects and events in the puzzle community. Some posts will feature discussions of my own puzzle work as I assemble a”Curriculum Vitae.” I will still report on the Autofill Project occasionally, in an abbreviated form, and I will continue to post original puzzles including Unthemely crosswords.

To life!


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