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GOINGS-ON: ACPT 2014 / P&A Magazine 48


The 2014 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament just concluded in Brooklyn, New York. Dan Feyer maintained his championship streak, taking home his fifth silver bowl, with Tyler Hinman and Howard Barkin finishing second and third respectively. Congratulations to all the finalists!

I’ll receive a packet of the tournament materials by mail in a few days, but I couldn’t resist checking out the scans of the completed puzzles as I cheered on the participants from home. The grids look pretty good this year, though some of the themes aren’t readily evident from the entries (I have an idea on Puzzle 5, but I need to how it was executed when I see the clues).

I feel some temptation of attending ACPT in 2015 with the prospect of the tournament returning to Stamford, Connecticut. While I don’t have a special need to put my flagging crossword-solving skills to the test, the Stamford Marriott always had an appealing, slumber-party atmosphere during tournament weekend. It may not be possible to replicate those good times of the past, but a return is worth considering.

* * *

Issue 48 of P&A Magazine is available. The regular e-newstand price of Foggy Brume’s bimonthly puzzle publication is hardly prohibitive, but this time the issue is FREE! There’s no reason not to check out this awesome magazine with word puzzles, logic challenges, and a multi-page extravaganza.

Speaking of Foggy extravaganzas, the Puzzle Boat II will set sail later this month. My crew from the Puzzle Boat’s maiden voyage plans to muster again for this maritime mega-extravaganza. If you like puzzle hunts, you should assemble a team and check it out!


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