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I wanted to mention a few puzzle hunts coming up next month. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend either of them though I have friends who will be attending them.

BAPHL9: Forbidden Rhode Island is set for Saturday, April 5 in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The title suggests a theme influenced by a cooperative board game. The organizing team includes Dan Katz who is squeezing this event in among preparations for his upcoming wedding! There is concern among some BAPHL regulars about whether Providence fits the scope of “Boston Area,” but full confidence in this group’s ability to produce a satisfying puzzle event.

EPP14: Hatching A Devious Plan will be held in Auburn, Alabama on Saturday, April 12. Hunt coordinator Eric Harshbarger is planning an Easter-themed extravaganza with more egg puns than a Vincent Price guest appearance on Batman. The teams are all identified by pastel colors and I will be rooting for the Violet team made up of Amy Barker, Jeffrey Harris, Robert Hutchinson, Jeff Schwartz, and Ben Smith. Good luck, Violet! Watch out for that Wonka gum!


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