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Default: 342444
Default with Spaces: 123733

NOTES: Finding it missing from Default I added retweet (70) and its inflections. While looking at some old Cosmos episodes I added Mars Hill (55), the site of Flagstaff’s Lowell Observatory and a possible letter change base. A news article on robots programmed to solve Rubik’s cubes prompted the probationary addition of speedcubing (72).

LISTS: Still working on the 11-letter entries from Peter Broda’s list, with recent additions of lip piercing (75), Olympic flag (75), and Shaolin monk (70). I also added pescetarian (55) as a variant spelling. Mark Diehl sent a theme list of candies, including many oldtimecandy.com brands. A few of the entries were earlier than my time, but I remember the Toffifay (65) “…is too good for kids” commercial jingle from childhood, and Lik-M-Aid (70) was a classic masochistic confection that turned my schoolmates’ tongues into bloody pulps. What’s your favorite childhood candy?

3 thoughts on “AUTOFILL PROJECT: Retweet

  1. FWIW, “Mars Hill” is also a college in North Carolina (which works in neatly with a letter change to a university in West VIrginia).

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