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Two stacks of cards are created. In one stack each card contains a category and in the other each card contains a set of eight different letters. Players form teams of three. Each team takes a turn drawing three category cards and one letters card. Using a determined order of rotation, the first player chooses a category aloud, the second chooses a letter, and the third gives an answer fitting and category and starting with the chosen letter. Each player in the rotation must choose or answer without coaching from teammates. If the other teams approve of the answer then the first player crosses out the letter on the card and the second player starts a new rotation. If the answer is invalid or the player in the answer position passes then the same rotation restarts with the first two players choosing a new category and/or letter. Categories may be reused (or not used) at the team’s discretion but letters are not reused after being crossed out. The team’s goal is to cross out all eight letters as quickly as possible.

Choke Cards

* * *

Choke is based on the bonus round of “Get Rich Quick!”, a failed game show pilot from 1977. The structure seemed suitable for a spontaneous parlor game like charades or Pyramid. We played it after-hours parlor game at my first LA miniconvention and at a few subsequent gatherings. I initially suggested timing game sessions for scoring purposes but quickly discovered that the game leans toward being a casual, noncompetitive activity.

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