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PUZZLE: Rice Milk #2


FIRST (5 2 4) / SECOND (11)

I’ve a good FIRST: I know me quite well.
On my thoughts, feelings, morals I dwell.
I’ve committed no crime,
No war plans at this time,
I am SECOND; I don’t even smell!

Comments contain the answer to Rice Milk #1 and may contain other spoilers. For information on solving transposals and other “flat” (verse puzzle) types, visit the National Puzzlers’ League’s Online Guide to the Enigma.

3 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Rice Milk #2

  1. Rice Milk #1 answer: extra life / tax relief. I believe that Alex Boisvert’s comment referred to the six-note melody associated with a one-up in Super Mario Bros., while I was thinking of the four-note Pac-Man extra life sound effect (for scoring 10,000 points). It would be fun to make an audio clip of extra life/one-up sound effects for a game-identification trivia quiz.

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