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Default: 342764
Default with Spaces: 124114

NOTES: I’ve been busy this week with Puzzle Boat and I just printed my curriculum materials for Patrick Blindauer’s Xword University, but I added a few hundred entries to the databases. In Notes I’ve been looking at actors and characters from TV series and decided to start with prime-time shows with long runs. I have most of the goof stuff from The Simpsons (I’ll go back and do some cleanup later) so I looked at Gunsmoke, Law&Order, and Lassie. Despite their long runs these shows didn’t seem to produce a very interesting crossword vocabulary the way The Simpsons has. I did get Long Branch Saloon (75) and Lennie Briscoe (70) and a few other interesting long entries and names.

LISTS: There have been lots of posts on the word-list share doc over the last few days and I’m still going through the new material. Nice new additions include galvanized tub (70), iDevice (70), lickety-split (70), and romance novel (80). One list contained the entries attract mode, display mode, and show mode. I’m familiar with the first two but not the third, and I couldn’t find solid support on Google. Is show mode a well-used term in computers and gaming?

One thought on “AUTOFILL PROJECT: Show Mode

  1. I think those “mode” terms came from my list. At very least, I remember coming across ATTRACT MODE a while back and adding it. I must have got the others from Wikipedia’s Glossary of Video Game Terms article: “[Attract Mode], also known as display mode or show mode…”. Can’t find a lot of other support for SHOW MODE though, so I might remove it from my list. And I’m only familiar with DISPLAY MODE as a common term for the collective display settings (resolution, aspect ratio, colour palette/depth, etc.) on a computer monitor, and not as a synonym for ATTRACT MODE.

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