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Bon Voyage


Yesterday the puzzle-solving team Pleasure Krewes — comprising Joe Cabrera, Jenny Gutbezahl, Trip Payne, Dave Shukan, Marc Spraragen, and myself — completed Foggy Brume’s brilliant Puzzle Boat 2 extravaganza. Our team’s tropical expedition lasted just over a week. The hectic schedules of the Pleasure Krewes crew afforded only a few opportunities for co-solving; for the most part we worked independently and logged our progress on a shared Google spreadsheet. The breakthrough on the final “meta-meta” puzzle came during a Sunday evening session when several of us were chatting in the spreadsheet. Joe made a comment that reminded me of a suggested puzzle answer made earlier by Jenny. I observed the connection between Joe’s comment and Jenny’s answer, which led Marc to draw upon the discovery and we all began brainstorming all the way to the finish line — a true group effort!

There are lots of fantastic puzzle experiences going on this extravaganza — emphasis on “lots.” The puzzle list contains rafts of innovative grid puzzle variants, twists on abstract-logic forms, audio puzzles, visual puzzles, trivia quizzes, and research challenges. One of my favorite puzzles features an web interface and is clearly a response to an infamous puzzle featured in the 2013 MIT Mystery Hunt. If you didn’t sign up this extravaganza, don’t miss the boat! I strongly encourage you to assemble a team of solvers (6-8 is recommended) and give it a try. If you’re still working on the extravaganza I encourage you to see it through to the endgame, which is very satisfying!

In other puzzle extravaganza news, don’t forget to sign up for The 2014 Triple Play Puzzles Puzzle Extravaganza, constructed by my talented Pleasure Krewes crewmate Trip Payne. Based on the earlier Triple Play Puzzles extravaganzas, this third installment, due August 1, is sure to be a winner.



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