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NOTES: Xfinity cable had a Watchathon last week (Watchathon not added) and I watched all eight episodes of HBO’s True Detective. The performances Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, as Martin Hart (65) and Rustin Cohle (55), were engaging, but overall I found the series good, not great — a little too reminiscent of other recent dramas highlighting murder investigations and Southern Gothic culture. From Martin Hart to Minh, I added entries from the musical Miss Saigon. I know almost nothing about this show but its long Broadway run suggests that its characters  (Gigi Van Tranh (50)) and songs (Why God Why (70)) should be reasonable fill for mainstream crosswords.

LISTS: I added many nice entries from the share doc last week including Depression glass (75), hibiscus tea (75), Kobe beef (80), and Last Week Tonight (70). The share doc receives its share of adult entries, e.g. fake an orgasm (25). In the middle is buttload (55). It’s a tad crass but it certainly passes the BEQfast test.


3 thoughts on “AUTOFILL PROJECT: Buttload

  1. And let it be known that I added all possible inflections of FAKE AN ORGASM to the sharedoc as well. I take great pride in my fairly extensive list of unusable entries.

    • I appreciate your sharedoc contributions, even the so-called “unusable” ones. Adult-themed entries can still generate linguistic/wordplay interest even if they aren’t candidates for mainstream crossword puzzles. For example, when you included SIZEQUEEN in a recent freestyle grid I was reminded that it is a transposal of SQUEEZEIN. I’d have used that pair for a Rice Milk but I think someone else used it in a flat for the Underground Enigma.

  2. Happy to help. Yeah, most of the adult-themed entries are things I would at least consider using in the Cross Nerd puzzles, and a fair number of them are in my seeds list. There are some that even I consider tasteless and would never use, but yet I add them to my list anyway. Wordlist management for me is mostly a futile quest for an exhaustive representation of the English language (or at least the version of it that I’m familiar with), so I can’t help it.

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