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Default: 344805
Default with Spaces: 127400

NOTES: Rapper Pitbull’s We Are One (72) crept into the Billboard 100 charts last week. The 2014 FIFA World Cup anthem could be a favorite of crossword constructors due to its Ole Ola (72) subtitle chanted throughout the song. We’ll see if it gets more airplay closer to the summer. I just learned the term vaguebooking (72) this week. I gave it the probationary fill score though I like that the concept of posting under-explained social media status messages has inspired a word.

LISTS: I finished adding the Eugene Sheffer crossword entries that Alex supplied to the sharedoc. June Foray (65) was a entry not already in Default. I know I have 25-year-old graph paper in my filing cabinet with crossword grid theme attempt with the symmetric pairing JUNEFORAY and BILLSCOTT along with BULLWINKLEMOOSE/ROCKETJSQUIRREL. I also finished a Peter Broad segment that included barbecuer (60), gym membership (70), and launch sequence (75).

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