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NOTES: AV Club had an article about the new USA Network series Playing House (75). I notice that the title was a supervocalic, i.e. it has one instance of each of the five vowels A, E, I, O and U (and also one Y). The Supervocalics group on Facebook has been experiencing a surge in activity lately and I was planning to make a post about the show but Jeff Schwartz beat me to the punch. The latest post on Word Salad discusses supervocalics and the recent Facebook surge. Last weekend I visited my mom as she was buying a new car. The finance officer at the Toyota dealership used the term bumper-to-bumper (65) to describe all-encompassing warranty coverage. I usually associate the term with traffic. I added Ryman Eco (72) as a probationary entry. The website of this new outline-style typeface explains how its developers hope to reduce usage of printer ink. If the typeface catches on, it will be a new way to clue ECO in crosswords.

LISTS: This week I added sharedoc entries from Dave Shukan. Many of the entries in Dave’s lists betray his background as an IP lawyer: amicus brief (70), opposing party (70), surreply (55). He also manages to fill some holes in my database with classic pop culture references that I remember from my youth: GAF Viewmaster (55), Shrinky Dinks (80). Dave is about the same age as my brother, and I thought of my brother when I scored the entry Slowly I Turned (70). My brother learned the old vaudeville sketch from The Three Stooges movies and enjoyed re-creating the sketch for his friends, using me as the chump who gets smacked and knocked down.



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