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Project Architeuthis


I’ve noted the Project Architeuthis code-solving game advertised on the Puzzability site over the last few weeks but only visited the Facebook page last weekend. The game is presented by the Navy with puzzles written by the Puzzability staff — Mike Shenk, Amy Goldstein, and Robert Leighton. The production values are high as would be expected by the people involved and the social-media format of the puzzles is extremely clever. I generally don’t participate in on-line games that invite a lot of real-time interaction — I prefer to solve at my own pace — Project Architeuthis is going to be a spectator game for me.

Some crowdfunding reminders: Peter Gordon’s Fireball Fortnightly News Crosswords 2014-2015 is still taking pledges. If like crosswords that quiz solvers with current events you need to support this project. Also, puzzlehunt fans who haven’t purchased Trip Payne’s 2014 Triple Play Puzzles Puzzle Extravaganza should take care of that soon. Trip’s extravaganza is due to be released in August.


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