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AUTOFILL PROJECT: jumbo paper clips


Default: 346495
Default with Spaces: 129426

NOTES: New York’s Comedy Cellar (75) was added while watching an episode of Louie. The location inspired a recent visual puzzle on the blog. Supervocalic Facebook group additions include jumbo paper clips (73), Capuchin monkey (75), and Plaxico Burress (75). I added a few names from ERDr Lewis (55) and Sherry Stringfield (60) –– but I’m finding the shows on the long-running prime-time television list less interesting for entry gathering purposes. Some probationary entries of the week include digital tattoo (72)tweetstorm (72), and Pharell’s new single Come Get It Bae (72), which includes some interesting partials.

LISTS: Dave Shukan’s latest sharedoc post included some breakfast cereal memorabilia: The wizard Cookie Jarvis (50) was the original mascot for Cookie Crisp; Cornelius Rooster (55) fronts Kellogg’s Corn Flakes; and Oops All Berries (55) is a Cap’n Crunch variety. Recent additions from the Diehl 10s include Elko Nevada (55), flying kick (75), and fruit snack (75).

GRIDS: I haven’t written for some time about the new entries picked up from solved puz grids. I still solve crosswords on my computer, mostly indie puzzles, but I find fewer and fewer entries not already in Default. Last week’s puzzles provided a few holes in well established phrases: chamber orchestra (75), base unit (70), and two-stepped (63). Some modern phases include Wi-Fi hotspot (80), lamesauce, (70), and MMA (40), an abbreviation for mixed martial arts.

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