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In each round players are blindfolded and given a series of objects to identify simply by touch. Players then remove blindfolds and try to answer a series of questions that reference the touched objects.

* * *

Touch and Go originated from a lunchtime conversation with Adam Cohen at Bouchon in Las Vegas. The conversation concerned games using the senses; we recalled past games involving sound and smell identification but not touch. Some ideas about a touch identification game eventually turned into an after-hours activity for the 2008 NPL convention in Colorado. The location was ideal because the collection of objects would have been difficult to schlep on a plane trip to another convention city. Players could play individually or as teams of two, and Burger King cardboard crowns (one of the touched objects in the first round) were given as prizes to the top scorers over the weekend. Tyler Hinman was the top individual with 80 points out of a possible 90, and Greg Pliska and Guy Jacobson were the top team with 83 out of 90. The YouTube link features segments of some of the rounds played at Conorado.

One thought on “CURRICULUM VITAE: Touch and Go

  1. That was such an awesome game! I feel very fortunate that I got to participate. Also, am I awful for thinking, “Yep, Ennie’s a New Yorker all right…” for what she did every time you said “Hands up!”?

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