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Default with Spaces: 130483

NOTES: I added btdubs (45) after hearing it in a few podcasts. The phrase it tricky to verify since it’s a vocal stylization of BTW. Google hits define the phrase, but few web pages use it in context where the shorter BTW would make more sense. Tyler Hinman told me that B-Dubs (55) is a slang term for Buffalo Wind Wings restaurants using the same “W = dubs” rationale. I saw Swedish pop star Tove Lo (60) debut on the Billboard charts this week. She could yield a clue alternative to the slithy Carrollian creature if she has staying power.

LISTS: More Mark Diehl tens this week, including conjugations of “make” verbal phrases. I added make a sale, make a fist, make a stop, and make a wish all at 65. The phrase make a go of (65) could have been added as make a goof, a point featured in an old Eugene Maleska solver correspondence anecdote. I gave a lower score to the old-fashioned make a funny (55), but I would enjoy referencing Foghorn Leghorn if I ever clued that phrase for a puzzle.


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