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Lollapuzzoola 7 and Crosswords LA 2014


Some information on crosswords tournaments in the second half of the year has been posted.

Lollapuzzoola 7 is scheduled for Saturday, August 9 (that’s a Saturday in August) at the All Souls Church in Manhattan. Preregistration is available on the website — $25 per person; add $5 for admission to the post-tournament pizza party. More information, including the constructor list, will be revealed in the next few weeks. Tournament directors Brian Cimmet and Patrick Blindauer work hard to make Lollapuzzoola a fun and irreverent twist on the traditional crossword tournament format. I’m excited to attend and see what they have in store for this year!

Tournament director Elissa Grossman has posted some preliminary information on Crosswords LA 2014. The sixth edition of the tournament, which benefits the nonprofit organization Reading to Kids, will be held in October though the exact date and location are yet to be determined. Elissa did announce that Amy Reynaldo has been appointed the “Puzzle Wrangler” for the event with Doug Peterson as “Factotum.” Amy and Doug are tournament pros and the event is sure to have a great selection of puzzles and activities.



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