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PUZZLE: Unthemely #53



I didn’t think about it until I was writing clues, but this Unthemely uses a grid pattern that is a mirror-reverse of my Crosswords LA playoff puzzle from 2012. The solved version of that puzzle is currently in 2012 champ Jordan Chodorow’s Facebook photo. I chose that pattern for the 2012 puzzle based on the openness of the middle section. Many tournament playoff grids have long diagonal walls of black squares and I wanted to try a contrasting design. Given my habits of collecting contemporary slang terms for my word list, the seed entry shouldn’t be hard to spot. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Unthemely #53

  1. I am unable to get this puzzle to open in Puzzazz when I click on the PUZ button. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

  2. Still can’t get it – just a bunch of code. All your other puzzles have opened in Puzzazz without a problem.

    • I haven’t heard issues from solvers using other puz file software. Maybe it’s a Puzzazz issue? I feel bad for the difficulty you are having.

  3. here i am, la di da, wandering around facebook with no direction in sight, and suddenly a hohum day turns wow. For I have stumbled upon this website. Thanks, honeybear–see you soon!! ❤

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