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PUZZLE: Rice Milk #7


PHRASE (*6 4) / WORD  (10)

That new chatbot Eugene, I’ve just heard,
Passed the PHRASE, fooling nearly a third!
By computer conversin’
He’s seen as a person:
Max Headroom with no W-W-WORD.

Comments contain the answer to Rice Milk #6 and may contain other spoilers. For information on solving transposals and other “flat” (verse puzzle) types, visit the National Puzzlers’ League’s Online Guide to the Enigma.

3 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Rice Milk #7

  1. Rice Milk #6 answer: got an itch / taco night (or possibly “taco thing”, as some readers suggested). I had a thought about making a wordplay puzzle comparing “taco night” to taconite, but couldn’t get a satisfying toehold. Any takers?

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