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Crosswords LA Tournament Update, Myles Nye on RHAP


Tournament organizer Elissa Grossman has announced the time and place for the 2014 Crosswords LA Tournament. The sixth edition of the tournament, which benefits the nonprofit organization Reading to Kids, will be held at the Fowler Museum, part of UCLA’s School of the Arts and Architecture, on Saturday, October 18. The starting time has not been announced but will probably be close to the 9:30 registration/10:45 solving start of previous years.

On this week’s Survivor installment of Rob Has a Podcast, host Rob Cesternino announced that Myles Nye would be a guest on next week’s show. Myles is a former challenge consultant for Survivor and will be talking with Rob about memorable challenges in the reality series’ 26-season history. Myles is a talented designer of puzzles and games, not just of the balance-over-water or dig-up-bags-o’-puzzle-pieces variety, and I’m looking forward to hearing his views on what makes a good game challenge for television and in general. You can read some more about Myles’s professional game activities at his Wise Guys Events website.

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