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P&A Magazine Offer


Foggy Brume posted this special offer on the P&A Magazine Facebook Page:

Hey folks! Need even more puzzles this summer? Want to fill in those blanks in your back issues for P&A collection?

From now until noon on Monday, we’re running a Fill-in-the-Blanks promotion for P&A. All back issues that you do not currently own can be purchased in one bulk sum for $3 per issue, a savings of roughly 40%. If you have 10 missing issues, that’s $30. If you’ve never bought an issue of P&A, that’s $144 to get every issue.

The promotion is not available for individual issues, only for a bulk purchase. It does not cover issue 50. If you have questions, you can PM me on Facebook or e-mail me at editor at pandamagazine.com.

You have until noon on Monday. Enjoy!

This is a great deal, whether you have holes to fill in your P&A collection or if you have never purchased an issue before. Join the fans of Dr. Stabby and visit the website!

Also, for themeless crossword fans, I constructed the Washington Post Puzzler that will appear tomorrow, August 17. Here’s a link to the official page, or you can get a puz copy (with a little download mojo) from Will Johnston’s site.

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