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Default: 351618
Default with Spaces: 134966

NOTES: A news item about Justin Bieber’s latest reckless driving escapade brought the vehicle brand Can-Am (65) into my radar range. It’s good crossword fodder and also an option for cluing ATV. FX Network’s new horror series The Strain features Corey Stoll (in a bad wig) playing the main character Ephraim Goodweather (55), but he is commonly addressed as Eph (45), which gives a cluing alternative to the abbreviated New Testament epistle. Also from The Strain is the very tall Kevin Durand playing the Ukrainian health inspector Vasiliy Fet (45). I predict that Fet will replace Daryl Dixon as the predominant “meme badass” sometime in 2015. 

LISTS: New sharedoc entries came in from Alex Boisvert, Peter Broda, and Dave Shukan. I learned the word petrichor (60) referring to the smell of rain, and have heard it used in pop culture since adding it. Knowledge of biscuits and gravy (75) as a breakfast item seems to betray one’s geographic origins — it was certainly a staple of my childhood in Missouri. Other nice additions include ubergeeky (65), polo pony (75), CLIF bar (65), and lemon wedge (75).



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