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AUTOFILL PROJECT: pasta fazool


Default: 353181
Default with Spaces: 136694

NOTES: In the wake of the recent vote for Scottish independence I added Saltire (55) to my Notepad. I suspect the heraldic term was already in Default, though the term, which also references the Scottish national flag, might have become more prominent had the vote gone the other way. Drought shaming (70), a form of persecution against violators of water restrictions, is a term that seems to gaining traction in the current California drought, though the idea has existed in covenant communities of Denver, and other places, for quite some time. In the Billboard charts I noticed Lil John’s single Bend Ova (72) as a possible, albeit raunchy, clue option for OVA.

LISTS: Most of my recent sharedoc additions come from Broada, Diehl, and Shukan. Some nice additions include Bullwinkle J Moose (85), poutinerie (60), croquembouche (75), Throwback Thursday (70), and Denver Mint (80). I added pasta fazool at 55 thinking that the misspelling of “pasta e fagioli” is popular enough to have in-the-language status. It reminds me of “cold slaw” from one of Patrick Berry’s lists — the salad traditionally garnished with eggcorns. Maybe there’s a crossword theme in here about menu misspellings, like “Cesar salad” and “vinegarette.” What other popular misspellings do you see in menus?


3 thoughts on “AUTOFILL PROJECT: pasta fazool

    • Italian cuisine seems to be a popular target of creative spelling. I found a website that has documented misspelled search terms in the GrubHub search engine. Fettuccine topped the list, being misspelled in over 70% of searches.

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