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AUTOFILL PROJECT: There’s a Skeeter on my Peter


Default: 354159
Default with Spaces: 137689

NOTES: I liked Michael Che (70) on The Daily Show and I wish him well on his new job at Saturday Night Live — it’s great when celebs with crossword-handy surnames succeed. Neologisms that I’m monitoring include outrospection (72), infobesoty (72), and pup nup (72) which is the equivalent of marital pre-nup for pet custody.

LISTS: I made some progress on my Diehl list over the weekend as Broda added some more to the sharedoc. Nice additions include flower vase (75), jury pool (80), low gravity (80), pool cover (75), and spa day (75). I learned a lot of novelty songs as a kid but had never come across There’s a Skeeter on my Peter (45) until it showed up in the sharedoc. Some Internet research suggests that the song is sung to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” though this YouTube playlist demonstrates the many variations in melody and lyrics that the song undergoes in practice.

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