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Default: 355775
Default with Spaces: 139432

NOTES: I’ve been listening to a lot of public radio podcasts lately including Michael Feldman’s Whad’ya Know, which isn’t available over the airwaves in my area. Feldman’s current announcer is Sara Nics (50) who has a great name for crosswords though I’m not sure if she’s a household name even among public radio fans. I added a few more recent posts from the Supervocalics forum on Facebook: Annie Proulx (70), Hall of Justice (75), and Pillsbury Bake-Off (80). Swedish DJ Alesso (55) entered the U.S. charts recently with “Heroes (We Could Be)” featuring vocals from Tove Lo. Word Spy posted the term procaffinating (72) which describes “delaying or postponing something until one has had one or more cups of coffee.” It’s a cute portmanteau that’s unlikely to get much traction, but we’ll see.

LISTS: Broda, Diehl, and Shukan are keeping the sharedoc active. Addition highlights include body spray (80), pretzel bun (80), and hot toddies (73). Matt Gaffney recently ran a contest puzzle on his website with the theme of geographical belts, as in borscht, corn, rust, etc. Peter Broda added some of the alchohol belts (53) that divide Eurasia by beverage preference. The Wine Belt (60) runs through the Mediterranean nations, the Beer Belt (60) covers Germany, Denmark, and the British Isles, and the Vodka Belt (70) is centered in Russia and the Slavic nations of Eastern Europe. These are some belts that I could really….belt!

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