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Space Puzzlefest, Fireball, and Sporcle


Patrick Blindauer has announced a new project on his Puzzlefest Page: Space Puzzlefest. The crossword suite will contain about a dozen puzzles with a science fiction theme. Solvers who submit the correct meta solution will be entered in a drawing for a copy of Sun & Shadows, a poetry collection by erstwhile New York Times crossword editor Eugene T. Maleska. I recently attended a small, private reading that featured excerpts from this work and can attest that Maleska’s poetic muse is as engaging as his crossword editorship. Space Puzzlefest is currently available for preorder ($17) with a launch date TBA.

* * *

Peter Gordon has opened subscriptions for the 2015 Fireball Crosswords series. The series comprises challenging themed and unthemed crossword puzzles and is one of the few venues outside the Gaffneyverse that offers meta-crossword contests. Subscription information can be found here.

* * *

I’ve started contributing quizzes to the Sporcle website. My first efforts include quizzes themed on Geography and Television. Follow me (tmcay) on your Connections page if you have a Sporcle account. If you don’t have an account and you like trivia you should consider signing up. An account is free and it gives you access to features such as social networking, content creation, and challenges. Members can also earn virtual badges, and, as a point of full disclosure, your following me on the Connections page or attributing me as the person who recommended the site to you will help me earn my Friend Zone and Trendsetter badges respectively. But self-serving pleas aside, Sporcle is a marvelous site with millions of quizzes covering every topic you can think of. Come join the fun!


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