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Default: 356991
Default with Spaces: 140678

NOTES: I learned the term tinikling (65) from a recent episode of The Middle featuring the Philippine pole dance. The dance resembles a bizarre “St. Grotus Day” variation featured on Malcolm in the Middle. Has anyone seen tinikling on any others shows, and did that show have “Middle” in the title? I bought a Veggetti vegetable slicer last week and made a batch of zoodles (70) for last night’s dinner. The zucchini turned out pretty good as an occasional substitute for semolina pasta. I’ve seen Bed-Stuy (65) in a few articles recently so I added this abbreviated form of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn to the Notepad. For crosswords, the Stuy (40) partial might get the most work.

LISTS: I pulled another chunk of Diehl sharedoc entries this week, this time filtering ones that contain a W. Nice additions include design flaw (80), flower show (80), and home worlds (73). The entry hmmiwonder (50) intrigues me. The phrase seems to have more Internet usage as a hashtag identifier of a category of meme or tweet than as an actual contextual phrase. If I’m right then I don’t know the best way to clue it for a crossword or if it is even a legitimate in-the-language entry. Anyone want to weigh in on this?

5 thoughts on “AUTOFILL PROJECT: hmmiwonder

  1. I’m pretty sure HMM I WONDER was an entry in a Byron Walden NYT or NYS that ran before Twitter/hashtags existed. I wasn’t a fan. :p

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