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The Imitation Game / Cryptic All-Stars, Vol. 2


A cryptography puzzle contest related to the upcoming Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game has been posted here, The deadline for entries is November 30. I’ve figured out a few of the clues but I plan to bring a copy to my sister’s house so that Ian and I can work on this over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Roger Wolff is taking orders for his second volume of Cryptic All-Stars. The puzzle volume features variety cryptics constructed by Bob Stigger, Brendan Emmett Quigley, Dan Katz, David Ellis Dickerson, David Shukan, Hayley Gold, Henri Picciotto, Henry Hook Jeffrey Harris, John de Cuevas, John Forbes, Jonathan Berkowitz, Kevin Wald, Mark L. Gottlieb, Mark Halpin, Mike Selinker, Rebecca Kornbluh, Roger Wolff, and Todd Rew. The book will be ready to ship in February 2015. Contact Roger at rogers.cryptics@gmail.com for more information.

2 thoughts on “The Imitation Game / Cryptic All-Stars, Vol. 2

  1. Todd:

    I decided to work on this, having just recently having read about Turing in a chapter of a book about neuroscience and finding him to have been a remarkable guy.

    Question regarding the puzzle: what about the cryptography? If “a different encoding has been used each time,” I’m not sure the puzzle could ever be really solved. So, there must be a pattern to the encoding, right? But I don’t see any hints about this in the instructions. Am I missing something? Would you mind if I called you about this while you are still up in Glenwood?


    *Steve Kinsky140 Yosemite WayDenver CO 80230Cell: 303-263-3901stevekinsky@gmail.com *

    *Member – Lions Club of Denver*

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