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NOTES: The protests surrounding the killing and grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, have introduced die-in (10) to new discussions. I prefer related protest form teach-in (70) as a database addition. News items about 2014 additions in the Oxford English Dictionary has been posted recently and included shabby chic (70), digital footprint (75), and jel (45). An interesting addition to the post-Thanksgiving Advent calendar of commerce is Sofa Sunday (72), a mobile device precursor to Cyber Monday, I can see the concept catching on, but I’m not sure about the term.

LISTS: The sharedoc is cooling down for the end of the year but I still have plenty of material to add. Favorites in the most recent batch include exact change (80), Fitbit (70), and team mascot (75). Peter Broda shared the word trapline (55), which means “a line or series of traps” according to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. The word forms half of an interesting metathesis wordplay base that I don’t believe has been used in The Enigma, the National Puzzlers’ League magazine that features wordplay poems called flats. Anyone want to try a Rice Milk verse that includes “trapline”?


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