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NOTES: Happy New Year! On the last Sunday in December Will Shortz traditionally presents a Names in the News quiz for his NPR Weekend Edition segment. In the most recent quiz he mentioned Amal (40) Ramzi, the new wife of George Clooney. I was surprised that that he didn’t also ask about similarly-good-for-crosswords Adnan Syed (55) of the podcast Serial. I’m not sure if Syed will remain a household name for long, but I like him better than the arms dealer Khashoggi as a clue for ADNAN.

LISTS: Over the holidays I’ve tackled a few idle puzzle projects including my long list of Mark Diehl 10-letter entries. Favorite recent additions include noodle bowl (75), pee-wee golf (80), and Wally Gator (70). The entry raw carrots (63) made me wonder about “raw” as a qualifier for in-the-language food phrases. Many foods have distinct referential qualities in both raw and cooked forms, though one of the two tends to be the standard and the other the exception, with the latter taking the qualifier. Raw meat is in the language but cooked meat is just meat, with the exception of a few specialized cooking methods such as baked meat. Apples, on the other hand, are generally eaten raw and don’t need a qualifier unless they cooked apples. “Cooked carrots” seems more common than “raw carrots,” but both are okay, perhaps because the culinary applications are about even. Which kind of carrots do you prefer?


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