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Six players form two-person teams. Teammates sit opposite each other at a table. All players receive signaling devices. In each round the moderator shows an answer printed on an index card to one player of each team. A barrier is set up so that the other players cannot see the card, though these players can hear their teammates and the moderator. The moderator asks a clue question related to the answer and the players viewing the card signal to give a correct response completing the clue. For example, if the moderator asks “Where would you find this?” while showing the answer HYPOTENUSE a player would respond with “opposite the right angle of a right triangle.” If the response is correct then the teammate may try to guess the answer on the card, and if that guess is right then the team scores a point. If either the response or “blind side” guess is wrong then one of the other teams may attempt to steal. At the game’s halfway point the players’ roles switch.

* * *

This game, based on a failed game show pilot called “$10,000 Sweep,” was presented once after hours at the NPL convention in Indianapolis. The game was untitled and felt unfinished due to its lack of a final round (a la “Final Jeopardy!”) but players were willing to test the format. Darren Rigby suggested the “Blind Side” title. A final round called “Double Blind” was later developed but proved too confusing; the Double Blind concept was retooled for Sixth Sense. Tom Gazolla’s Doubles Jeopardy!, developed independently some years later, would mimic the structure of Blind Sides; the popular reception of Double Jeopardy! diminishes the need for a Blind Sides revival.


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