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PUZZLE: Rice Milk #13


ONE (7 6) / TWO (13)

At the flea markets, yard sales, and ONE
My wife shops for used junk by the ton,
While I wait till she’s through
Like a juror in TWO.
It gets old, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Comments contain the answer to Rice Milk #12 and may contain other spoilers. For information on solving transposals and other “flat” (verse puzzle) types, visit the National Puzzlers’ League’s Online Guide to the Enigma.

4 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Rice Milk #13

  1. Rice Milk #12 answer: manspread / ampersand. A couple of readers expressed confusion and I’m not sure if it was due to unfamiliarity with the coinage “manspread” or the unconventional use of “ampersand” to refer the area between a man’s legs when spread at a right angle (as if they were 1st & Main Street). I was prepared to tag manspread in the original post as a non-dictionary word, which is the practice of NPL flats, but I opted out at the last minute. I’ll reconsider that in the future, and I’ll note that ONE in Rice Milk #13 is not in dictionaries but is a familiar phrase.

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