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Aimlessly Themeless/Club 72/Crossword Solver Software Question


Crossword constructor Lena Webb launched her blog Aimlessly Themeless last week. In the blog Lena discusses her progress as a puzzlemaker since her first attempt at designing a grid in early 2014. Lena became interested in themeless crosswords after discovering how women are severely underrepresented in that category—it’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed and never understood. Check out the blog to read Lena’s story and download her puzzles.

* * *

Tim Croce has been mixing it up on his Club 72 blog with variety puzzles in addition to crosswords. His most recent variety puzzle is an anagram challenge called Two for One. I’ve figured out many of them but I need to do some “bowling pin” letter scrambled to get a complete.

* * *

For a few years I used Crossword Solver software on my home computer but I encountered a glitch last week: When I opened a puzzle file it would automatically close and reopen after about 15 seconds, deleting any letters entered in the grid. I uninstalled Solver and went back to using AcrossLite. Has anyone else experienced the glitch I described with Crossword Solver?



4 thoughts on “Aimlessly Themeless/Club 72/Crossword Solver Software Question

  1. UNTHEMELY! I love it a lot.

    Oh man, you now represent yet another awesome indie puzzler I need to be solving– and I’m not a speedy solver! My clipboard grows heavy 🙂

    • Thanks, Lena. And, yes, the fact that the blogosphere allows so many talented indie constructors to share their handiwork is both a blessing and a curse.

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