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Default: 360083
Default with Spaces: 143888

NOTES: Bibliophiles were buzzing on the Internet last week when a second novel by Harper Lee, Go Set a Watchman (75), was soon to be published. For crossword constructors, the chief takeaway from this story is a new way to clue the partial SET A. The word Uberize (65) caught my eye in recent Word Spy posts. This modern slang term meaning to cut out the middle man in a business model, as with the ride-share service Uber, is a vowel-rich seven-letter word that could be useful in grids it gets traction in general discourse.

LISTS: More additions from Mark Diehl including Dodger blue (75), Dutch apple (75), field house (80), and Friars Club (75). The entry double flat (65) reminded me of a crossword theme I once worked on for the Wall Street Journal. The puzzle would have been called “Tax Collection” and the last words in the theme entries would all be types of taxes. I guess I found “double flat” in an online dictionary but never bothered to add it to Default. I eventually abandoned the puzzle but at least have the entry in my own list. I also have a reminded that I need to get my taxes done for 2014.

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