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Default: 360510
Default with Spaces: 144341

NOTES: The annual Oscars telecast is a common source of new entries for the database. I didn’t get much from this year’s ceremony other than an crossword clue writer’s appreciation for Best Foreign Film winner Ida. I read an article a few days before about the Pawscars (70) awarded by the American Humane Society for distinguished achievement by animals in film. For example, the animal actor Tug who plays Milky White in Into the Woods won the award for Best Magical Cow — it was a lock, but I’m happy that the Sondheim musical film got something. The latest neologism to emerge in discourse of asexual rights groups appears to be amatonormativity (70). The term is used, often critically, to label laws, policies, and cultural artifacts that privilege romantic pluralism over singleness. I like the idea better than the word, which takes a few attempts to land the pronunciation.

LISTS: Some nice additions from the most recent batch of Mark Diehl ten-letter entries include guitar cases (73)human drama (75), and line of duty (75). I felt like I should turn in my Generation-X membership card when I realized that H R Pufnstuf (75) was not already in Default. Pufnstuf, Witchiepoo, and the other characters of the Sid and Marty Krofft oeuvre shaped and warped my childhood. My coworker Karen was also a Punfnstuf fan and she cheers me up occasionally by coming to my office to perform the “Mechanical Boy” dance. Here’s the late, great Jack Wild doing the original.


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