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PUZZLE: Rice Milk #16


FIVE FOUR (5 4) / NINE (9)

Multiplexes now draw the elites.
One FIVE FOUR in recliner-like seats.
While the movie may flop,
One can still nosh on pop-
Corn and Milk Duds and other NINE treats.

NINE is an inferable coinage.

Comments contain the answer to Rice Milk #15 and may contain other spoilers. For information on solving transposals and other “flat” (verse puzzle) types, visit the National Puzzlers’ League’s Online Guide to the Enigma.

5 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Rice Milk #16

    • I first experienced a theater with motorized reclining seats last December. It was also dine-in theater with seat-side service. As I enjoyed my Caesar salad, fiddled with the recliner buttons, and watched the pre-flim advertainment program, I was reminded of how different the movie-going experience has become compared to my youth when early arrival at the theater meant sitting erect in dimly-lit silence.

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