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Each player receives five index cards containing informal survey questions with eight possible responses (Example: Which of the following television shows has the strongest resemblance to your family life when you were a child? The Brady Bunch, Leave it to Beaver, Little House on the Prairie, Married…With Children, The Munsters, The Simpsons, The Wonder Years, or The Twilight Zone). Each survey response is associated with a playing card rank from seven to ace. Players mingle and choose five other players to ask the questions. After asking five questions, a player will have a five-card poker hand based on the ranks associated with the survey question responses. Players may trade cards with other players to improve their hands before recording final hands to the moderator. The player with the best final poker hand wins.

* * *

This mixer debuted at a Denver game party. The poker element added a minor game element to the activity in which the bulk of the entertainment was provided by the survey questions. I proposed the idea, unsuccessfully, as a mixer for an NPL convention.

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