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Default: 360989
Default with Spaces: 144845

NOTES: I sometimes put VH1’s Video Countdown on in the background when I’m working on weekends. On a recent episode I saw an interview with Walk the Moon lead singer Nicholas Petricca (65). I noticed that his last name is an anagram of “practice” and I wonder if he’s ever played Carnegie Hall. The entry CUER came up in editing work last week. I had assumed that this “one who cues” noun form appeared in unabridged dictionaries but I couldn’t find an example in my library. I changed my fill score from 45 to 30. Is there a dictionary reference that I’m missing?

LISTS: I’m getting behind on the sharedoc but added a handful of new entries last week including museum tour (70), music stands (78), and NBC Studios (75). The full name of Star Trek character Nyota Uhura (55) could possibly get some traction as it has been adopted by the J. J. Abrams reboot film series. As I added the entry to Default I though of this trivia clue possibility for UHURA: {Fictional character whose first name, Nyota, means “star” in Swahili}.

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