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Default: 361949
Default with Spaces: 145813

NOTES: In the 2015 photo album for ACPT I saw an evening program game involving crossword puzzles on tablets. One of the entries in the tablet puzzle was Plinko chip (70), which seemed like a cute entry to add. Any feedback on the actual game/puzzle app? Word Spy recently posted the term walking ATM (72) meaning “An illegal immigrant or migrant worker who is frequently robbed because they have no bank account and so must carry all their cash.” The concept is certainly a downer but it might be a FITB option for cluing ATM.

LISTS: Some recent Default additions taken from the sharedoc include craft vodka (75), the Catalonian cheese Garrotxa (40),  push toy (80), and spiltsville (70). The entry Lobsterfest (50) is interesting, though it is largely associated with the Red Lobster restaurant chain, which is a cluing obstacle. Red Lobster holds its status as a special-occasion restaurant for most of my family. It’s not my first choice food-wise, but when I join my family there for, say, my niece’s birthday I do experience a spark of nostalgia.

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