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PUZZLE: Unthemely #70



My trip to Boston last week caused me to get behind both on puzzle construction and puzzle solving. Here are some belated links to a few notable posts on blogs of my colleagues.

Christopher King has started an interesting series on crosswordese on his Chris Words blog. The first X-words Files post covers the entry ERLE with some background on detective author Erle Stanley Gardner and the origin of his unusual first name.

Evan Birnholz recently posted on Devil Cross an enjoyable summary of Patrick Berry’s “Vicious Circle” mini extravaganza. The extravaganza is still available for purchase on Patrick’s website, though the contest has expired. Evan notes that I provided the artwork in one of the extravaganza puzzles and I appreciate his complimentary mention. I was originally concerned that the images would be ambiguous and suggested to Patrick that he would better off creating  the puzzle using printed words instead, but he was adamant that the artwork would add value to the extravaganza. Boston puzzlers that I saw last week gave positive feedback on the art, and some expressed a bit of anxiety as they struggled to come up with the final answer before the contest deadline. I couldn’t have helped any of these solvers even if I wanted to as I had test-solved the extravaganza more than six months ago and couldn’t remember how most of the puzzles worked.

Don’t forget that the Indie 500 crossword tournament co-organized by Evan takes place at the end of this month in Washington, D.C.

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