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PUZZLE: Unthemely #71



Alex Boisvert recently posted about the release of the Crossword Nexus HTML5 Solver that he co-developed with Alex Shpak. I haven’t experimented with the software yet though I am impressed with work that Alex has done in the past and receptive to his ruminations on the future of digital formats for puzzles. I hadn’t considered installing a online solver on this blog. I personally prefer to solve puzzles offline, but I’m curious to learn how others feel. How do you prefer to solve crossword puzzles from online sources? As printouts, in offline applications such as XWord or Across Lite, or in on-line solving apps?

2 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Unthemely #71

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Todd. I suspect most people who solve digitally will say they prefer to solve offline, simply because the online interfaces aren’t that great. I think the interface for this one is pretty good, and if it’s not, I’m happy to make changes.

  2. Across Lite all the way for me; I’ve never had complaints about it. Of course I’m always on a laptop; if I was on a phone maybe the answer would be different.

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