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DASH 7 / Indie 500 (General, Non-Spoiler Comments)


This was a puzzle-filled weekend! The DASH Puzzle Hunt was held in 16 cities. The inaugural Indie 500 Crossword Tournament was held in Washington D.C., as was Dave Barry’s crowd-pleasing Washington Post Hunt, I participated in DASH in Denver and solved at-home versions of the Indie 500 puzzles. I plan to talk about the puzzles featured in both DASH and Indie 500 but the Indie 500 organizers have requested a two-week gag order on puzzle details in social media and I will offer the same courtesy to DASH, hoping that the puzzles will made available by mid-June. For now, some general comments about both events.

This was the seventh DASH hunt but the first presented in Denver. My friends at the puzzle room business Puzzah! were the local organizers and they did a fantastic job setting up a route through the Lower Downtown area and helping acclimate the novice teams to the hunt logistics. Puzzah! also hosted a follow-up reception at their store location. I hunted on team with NPL colleague Kristy McGowan and her friend Jennie Crittenden and we finished in second place among the Denver teams. I had lots of fun and a little too much sun — after four weeks of clouds and rain I’m still getting used to the idea that the sun shines in Colorado.

Reports from the Indie 500 tournament are being posted on the website leaderboard and social media. Congratulations to overall tournament champion Joon Pahk! I knew that the tournament was planning to have some special features such as entry music for the finalists and lots of pie but I haven’t been given many details aside from a fun video clip of tournament co-organizer Peter Broda getting a pie in the puss from randomly-selected contestant representative Joe Cabrera. I requested at-home copies of the tournament crosswords and a miniextravaganza of meta crosswords. I received the latter on Friday and solved it as DASH prep. The tournament crosswords were delivered on Sunday along with some bonus puzzles and tournament rules.

Look for my reviews in two weeks.

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