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Default: 362760
Default with Spaces: 146643

NOTES: Happy to make your acquaintance, Caitlyn Jenner (75). Your nickname Cait (45), as in the upcoming E! Channel series I Am Cait, certainly has potential as a useful crossword entry. In pop music, I recently caught the Ryn Weaver (65) video for “OctaHate” on The 20 — another useful first name. I also recently learned of the cable channel Buzzr (70), which is supposedly running classic game show reruns and is like GSN when it was still Game Show Network. The channel is not available in Colorado yet, but the name is Scrabbly and inferable.

LISTS: I’ve added a small amount of sharedoc data in the last few weeks, including some nice entries such as fishing hole (80), public pool (75), and Steak-umm (70). I’ve also been adding entries collected from the puz files of other constructors’ puzzles. I am reluctant to comment on these entries in Autofill Project posts because the source puzzles are sometimes recently published (or yet to be published) and I want to avoid spoilers. I do want to mention an entry that appeared in Tim Croce’s Freestyle 33 and I’ll use reverse ROT-13 for those who haven’t solved the puzzle and plan to: vwbzrcbbc. I added this entry to Default a while back and considered using it as an Unthemely seed but changed my mind partly due to prudishness and partly because I found a similar entry to use in Unthemely 73. I was pleased that Tim used vwbzrcbbc as a seed in his freestyle, along with several other great entries. 

One thought on “AUTOFILL PROJECT: Cait

  1. Wow. I was recently working on a themeless where CAIT (and only CAIT) would help me pull off a pretty good corner. Great timing on this!

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