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PUZZLE: Unthemely #76



I recently posted a Sporcle quiz called “What Would Jesus Do?” The quiz features quotations from the Gospels but is more about using to context cues to choose words to fill in blanks than about knowledge of the New Testament. I wrote the quiz to have a an offering in the Religion category — Sporcle offers badges for contributors who write editor-picked and/or published quizzes in all 15 of its categories. The challenge lies in the fact that Sporcle has lots of members who contribute lots of quizzes and it’s hard to get a quiz noticed by an editor unless you are prolific or come up with something really clever. If you have some spare time please drop by my Sporcle page and give my quizzes some love.

2 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Unthemely #76

  1. Out of curiosity, were those cheaters always in there? 21A and 45A certainly feel like they were MERKEL and SLOPES at some point, although maybe the other corners wouldn’t work?

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