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Lollapuzzocho / The Horseshoe Letter


Congratulations to Francis Heaney who triumphed in last weekend’s Lollapuzzoola 8 tournament in Manhattan. Congratulations as well to Trip Payne and Erik Agard, who finished in second and third place respectively, and to Simon Porzak, Alex Jeffrey, Seth Kleinerman who took the top spots in the Local Division. I received my solve-at-home copies and solved them on Sunday morning. I wasn’t interest in submitting my times for the leader board. I just strolled through them while providing my own color commentary on my performance. I’ll review the puzzles in a few weeks, but I was pleased with the set and can understand the difficulty that the finalists had with the Express Division clues.

* * *

Christopher King’s latest blog post includes a link to his latest USC Puzzle Hunt titled The Horseshoe Letter. Chris’s previous hunt have required site-specific knowledge to complete some of the puzzles, but this hunt’s puzzles are all general knowledge (or Internet researchable) so he has made the hunt available as a contest for readers. It’s a enjoyable hunt that is well-suited for novice extravaganza solvers: the puzzles are breezy and the meta, while tricky, is gettable. Chris is accepting submissions from readers through August 29.

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