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Puzzle Boat 3 / Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project


Foggy Brume, publisher of Panda Magazine, has announced October 10, 2015 as the launch date of Puzzle Boat 3. The puzzle adventure will feature “over 100 puzzles, multiple metas, and an overall metameta.” Foggy is currently accepting solving teams with an $80 team registration fee. Recommended team size is 6-8 people. The first two Puzzle Boat adventures were a blast and featured a rich variety of puzzle types. Put together a crew and check this out

* * *

David Steinberg has announced that his Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project is done! All New York Times crossword puzzles from the inaugural 1942 puzzle through the editorial tenure of Will Shortz have been digitally re-created, edited, and deposited on the XWord Info website maintained by Jim Horne. Congratulations to David for envisioning the project and shepherding it for four years. I will always have a special memory of “litzing” (transcribing puzzles from PDF printouts to CCWIN files) during plane trips, often wedged in an economy section seat with the passenger ahead of me reclining into my laptop screen.

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