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Default: 363190
Default with Spaces: 147085

NOTES: I’m still doing very little word list work due to other projects but the recent additions to the Oxford English Dictionary reported in the news this week game me the impetus to add the small number of entries on my Notepad. Of the OED additions mentioned in articles the one most favorable to crossword puzzles is rando (60), a term for an unknown, odd, or suspicious person. I was unfamiliar with the term but maybe I’ll start hearing it more now that it has dictionary cachet. I remember seeing the portmanteau term hangry (65) on neologism sites a while back. I suspect that the term, meaning irritable due to hunger, was short-listed by the OED so it could deflate the old “gry” puzzle. I’m only sorry that igry didn’t make it into the dictionary first. Other Notepad additions not related to the OED articles include shade balls (70) (several times I watched that video of the drought-mitigating spheres being dumped into a California reservoir) and Okilly Dokilly (75), a metal band in which all the musicians dress like Ned Flanders.


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