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Lollapuzzoola 11 (Brief Recap)


I just got home from a four-day trip to New York and wanted to express my appreciation to Brian Cimmet, Patrick Blindauer, and all the tournament volunteers and puzzle constructors for Lollapuzzoola 11. The tournament drew nearly 400 attendees and the new location accommodated the solvers very well. The group games were fun and the snacks were tasty … while they lasted. I enjoyed mixing puzzle friends who I don’t see at NPL or MIT, though I regret not getting to say hello to everyone I wanted to.

The puzzles are still available for at-home solving at the tournament website.  I’ll discuss the puzzles in a later post but for now I will observe that they were all fun and well-constructed. If you couldn’t attend the tournament in New York, please support these talented constructors by picking up the puzzles for solving at home!

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