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Communing with Nature


Escape this Podcast is currently in its third season. Hosts Bill and Dani present weekly virtual puzzle experiences akin to escape rooms or text-adventure computer games. Dani creates and narrates most of the EtP adventures, but they occasionally invite guests to take the game-master role. My friend Scott Weiss is presenting a virtual puzzle experience later this season (EtP is in the middle of a multiple-episode arc titled Descent of the Cullodens). I got to sample Scott’s adventure, co-solving with Wil Zambole.

Escape this Podcast listeners can “play along at home” by retrieving game information from the show notes, but I usually listen during commutes and audit the on-air solving of the guests. For Scott’s game I had a chance to have some agency in exploring the space, making observations, and speculating with Wil on the best course of action. The game, titled Communing with Nature, is a family-friendly adventure with a great variety of fun puzzles and an interesting setting that allows for interactions that would not be feasible in a brick-and-mortar escape room.

If you don’t want to wait for Communing with Nature’s debut on Escape this Podcast, you can contact Scott, as Wil and I did, for a sneak preview play. The game is best suited for 1-2 players. Leave a comment if you want Scott’s email address.

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