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PUZZLE: Minus Sign


Last night I drove by the illuminated sign of a national chain. Two consecutive letters in the sign were burned out. “Hmm,” I thought to myself, “If one new letter were added to the sign, it could be used for a sandwich shop.” Later, I drove past the sign in the other direction. On the other side of the sign two consecutive letters were burned out, both different from the burned-out letters on the side I originally saw. “Hmm,” I thought to myself, “If new one letter were added to the sign, it could be used for a … Gilbert & Sullivan theater.”

What national chain was the sign for?

4 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Minus Sign

  1. I guess this was tougher (or less interesting) than I thought. I’ll add more information by saying that “sandwich shop” could be replaced by “Southern sandwich shop” and “Gilbert & Sullivan theater” could be replaced by “theater mounting a production of ‘The Mikado’.”

    Jeffrey Harris posted a clever alternate solution — better than the intended one — that I’ll reveal later.

  2. I can only come up with “whulyh” for the chain, because “vwlyh” would work for the theater part but I am stuck on the sandwich shop bit of it so maybe I am way off. Spoilers are encoded with a Caesar cipher with a shift of 7.

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