Puzzlesnacks / The Maze of Games / Miskatonic University Game


Two puzzle community industry Kickstarter projects have been receiving funding for a few weeks, so I’ll offer a mid-pledge boost.

Eric Berlin is launching Puzzlesnacks, which serves bite-sized puzzles on a weekly basis.

Mike Selinker, Gaby Weidling, and the creative team behind The Maze of Games have added content to the Gatekeeper’s puzzleverse: the Omnibus and Escape Room Experience.

Visit the links to read details about and support these worthwhile puzzle projects!

* * *

In order to learn more about current projects in live-action gaming, I have enrolled in Miskatonic University along with Eric Berlin, Jenn Braun, Dan Katz, Tanis O’Connor, and Scott Purdy. Our six-person colleagueship named Mystik Spiral went through an application process that included making a team video. Dan wrote the script, adding fish puns as instructed by the website. I got to play around with ACS while editing the final cut. I look forward to meeting with other students and faculty when school starts in mid-August. Unfortunately, Miskatonic conflicts with Lollapuzzoola, so I will miss out on Brian and Patrick’s excellent crossword tournament this year. To the LPZ attendees, have a Utz cheese ball for me!